Liquor License Application Northern Cape – NC.


Northern Cape Liquor Authority

No. 6 De Beers road
Private Bag X 6108
Tel: +27 (87) 310 5318
Fax: +27 (53) 839 4073


Renewal Fees 2017

Northern Cape Renewal Fees 2017
Hotel Liquor License: R2250
Restaurant Liquor License: R2250
Club Liquor License: R1750
Tavern License: R2500
Night Club License: R3000
Liquor Store License: R1750
Guest House License: R1000
Gambling House License: R1500
Grocer’s wine License: R1250
Micro-Manufacturing License: R2000
Theatre Liquor License: R1000
Wine-house License: R2250

Renewal Process Northern Cape

Steps to follow to renew your liquor license:

1) The Department will have sent or provided you with a Form 15 (Notice of Renewal). In the case where you have not received such a form, please contact the Northern Cape Liquor Board Offices for them to issue the form to you. For this you will be required to bring your proof of renewal for the previous year.
2) Complete the form.
3) Payment for the license renewal can be made at the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (Post Office building, 11th Floor, Kimberley), or a postal order to the Department.
4) You will be issued with a stamped receipt and will be required to submit the receipt plus the Form 15 at the Northern Cape Liquor Board Office.
5) It is important to ensure that you have stamped copies of both the Receipt and Form 15 for your records, as proof of payment and of having renewed your license.

What you need to take along:

a) Copy of your 2015 license which is validated
b) Proof of payment for 2016 (the receipt you received at the department when you made the payment)

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