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Action Required  

Appropriate Authority


Business Planning: Outline planning permission, zoning, rights to use, road and public access and parking requirements. Provincial and or Local Authority.
GRADING: Consider grading scheme requirements relative to proposed design (optional) South African National Grading Council
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Submission of environmental impact study – if construction or significant renovations required. Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism
BUILDING PLANS: Submission of building plans (in terms of National Building legislation and local by-laws) Local Authority
COMPANY REGISTRATION: Register Company. Be aware of changes to registration procedures. CIPC. Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission Registrar of Companies. Pretoria.

LIQUOR LICENSE: Application for a liquor license (if applicable) At least 6 months prior to trading. Provincial Liquor Board /
TRADING LICENSE: Application for a trading business license. (Legal requirement if preparing or serving food) Local Municipality.
BYLAWS: Check and comply with all local by-laws where applicable (they differ from local authority to local authority) Visit local authority / municipality to enquire and verify all requirements
TAXATION: Register for Company Tax, VAT, PAYE, Skills Development SARS – nearest local office
UIF. Register for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Department of Labour, Pretoria or nearest local office.
LABOUR: Register for Workmen’s Compensation Compensation. Commissioner Pretoria or nearest Labour office
INSURANCE: Licenses and insurance for company vehicle if required. Licenses and permits for transport of guests/staff if applicable. Local licensing department / insurance broker.
LABOUR LAWS: Comply with labour legislation Hospitality. Sectoral Determination No 14 or Jhb or Pta Bargaining Council dependent on location – Minimum conditions or employment and minimum wage requirements. Register for Workmen’s Compensation
FIRE INSPECTION: Ensure appropriate fire inspection is carried out (if not already done so) and take advise Local Fire Authority
HEALTH INSPECTION: Apply for Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises. Ensure appropriate health inspection is carried out (if not already done so) and take advise. Local Municipality – Division of Health. Best to obtain when applying for Trading License.
SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Register under the Skills Development Act if acceptable. Culture Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports sector Education and Training Authority – Sandton //
GRADING: Register with grading scheme if applicable. This is a quality assurance body for tourism products in South Africa. South African National Grading Council
MUSIC: Register with South African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) for the provision of piped or live music. (Levy payable to the writer of the music) SAMRO office, Johannesburg
LIVE MUSIC: Register with the South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA). SAMRO office, Johannesburg

TELEVISION: Apply for television licenses if applicable (before purchasing sets) SABC, Auckland Park
SMOKING: Comply with the Tobacco Products Control Act as it applies to smoking in public places. Department of Health
CONSUMER PROTECTION: Comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and Regulations – April 2011 Department of Trade & Industries

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