How much does a Liquor License Preparation Cost in South Africa?

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While there is absolutely no definitive answer to the question: “How much does a Liquor Store or Bottle Store Liquor License Cost?”, we have endeavored in the document below to give you an idea of some of the costs associated with obtaining, holding and maintaining a Liquor Store or Bottle Store License.

These figures are merely guidelines of the costs. You will more than likely land up paying slightly more than the figures quoted below.

This will depend on numerous factors including:-

  • The Value of your Liquor Store or Bottle Store License,
  • Fees of the Region and / or Liquor Authority where you’re License must be Lodged.
  • The amount of time it takes to Complete your Application
  • Compiling and Collection of Supporting Documents Required, ie. 3D Layout of Store, Floor Plan, Motivation in Support of Application, Description of Premises etc.

PLEASE NOTE. Section 23 (3) of the Gauteng Liquor Act 2 of 2003

Where an application for a license has been refused by the Board, NO new application may be made in respect of the same premises within 1 (one) year from the date of refusal, except by special leave granted at the discretion of the Board. It is advised that ALL documents submitted are reflecting the correct information.™ will assist client with full submission, however the client remains fully responsible for submission.™ cannot guarantee any application / liquor license submission, as we do not have full access to any clients information, and we can only use documents submitted by Client / Applicant / Franchisee.



How Cooperative and Efficient you are in supplying us with the documents, Plans and Information that we require to Complete your Application, Ready for your Submission.

Liquor Store / Bottle Store – Liquor License Application Cost:-

  • New Liquor License Application: R 18 000, 00 to R 30 000, 00

  • Renewal of Liquor License: R 6 000, 00

  • Alteration of Premises: R 7 000- R 9 000, 00

  • Nomination of Manager: R 3 500, 00

Our Fees Includes:-

  • Telephone and Online Support,
  • The numerous and varied disbursements that come with a liquor license, including National Liquor Authority and Provincial Liquor Board Application Fees, Lodgement Fees and Grant Fees,
  • Any and ALL Advertising, Photocopying, Printing and Couriering of Documents pertaining to your Liquor License Application,
  • Answering of queries from Police Inspectors and the Liquor Board,
  • Objections to the Applications and Municipal Queries,
  • AND, Finalization of your Liquor License Application.


Ref Nr: Item Ref. Description Unit Price Required Yes / No Line Total
1 ON


2 DEP DEPOSIT to start with the Application. 6 000, 00 Yes 6 000, 00
3 LODGE LAST PAYMENT 3 Days PRIOR to Handover and Affidavit at SAPS for YOUR Submission at the Liquor Board. 6 000, 00 Yes 6 000, 00
4 LAA Local Authority Approval Application. 1 700, 00
5 ZONE Zoning Certificate Application. 1 200, 00
6 BUILD Application for Copy of Building Plan. 1 600, 00
7 FORM1 Complete and Prepare Form 1 for Signature and Commissioning at SAPS & Submitting Online Application. (Application FEES Included) 4 800, 00
8 MOTIV Motivation / Representation of Application. 1 600, 00
9 DESC Detailed Written Description of Premises. 1 600, 00
10 TOB Tobacco Affidavit of Compliance. 650, 00
11 RADIUS Premises Radius Declaration. 650, 00
12 POXIMITY On-Site Proximity Radius (School & Church). 700, 00
13 NOTICES Notices in National & Local Newspaper. 1 600, 00
14 GAZETTE Prepare & Publication in Government Gazette. 950, 00
15 LAYOUT Store Drawing / Floorplan / Plan of Premises to Scale and 3D Layout (From Building Plan Dimensions) (Proof of Compliance with Bylaws). 9 500, 00
16 PUBLIC Prepare & Print Public Notice (1m x 1m) 950, 00
17 SECURITY Prepare Security Plan 650, 00
18 DISPLAY Notice of Display (Site Affidavit) 650, 00
19 AFFIDAVIT Prepare Radius Sworn Affidavit (To Commission at SAPS) 650, 00
20 CONSENT Prepare Landlord Consent Letter (Landlord to Sign.) 550 ,00
        Total Due  

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Let us take the Hassle out of your Liquor License Application. We can compile the FULL Application on your behalf, ready for submission. Firstly, Become a Member. Send us the Required Information. And we will send you a Quote for Cost of Preparation. (Cost of Application Varies by Type of Liquor License Application and Province)